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Cancellation of competition

Posted On June 30, 2020

The competition will take place on April 24/25, 2021.All participants who want to keep the discounts received will have to register within a month from the start of the new registration.On September 26/27, 2020, competitions will take place in identical locations for the “Pavasario Taurė (Spring Cup 2021)”: the Spring…

New competition date

Posted On April 10, 2020

Pavasario Taurė (Spring Cup) is moved to September 26/27 . Until July 1st you can sign up for free. MW21E will have to re-enter at IOF Eventor. Previous prices will remain the same.

Event Entries

Posted On December 23, 2019

Event entries will be opened at 2019-12-25 12:00 both in IOF Eventor and DBSportas