Pavasario Taurė (Spring cup) WRE 2016


Pavasario Taurė (Spring cup) WRE 2016  will be on 16-17 April 2016 .

WRE middle on April 16, WRE long on April 17

Competition center will be the same as on 2015- “Kudrionių poilsio kompleksas”

Middle Course WRE – new map to the East from CC, M 1:10 000 2,5m for E classes

Long course  – partially new map  to North east from CC, M 1:15 000 5 m for E classes

Embargoed maps LOSF 1508,1509,1510

Second day LONG – Changes

Second day LONG  scale and E changes from M 1:10 000 to M 15 000  and from 2,5 m to 5 meters. This will be for following classes: MW 18, 20, 21E, 21A, 35,40.

Important information from IOF:New IOF IDs will no longer be created by submitting a request to the IOF but by creating a user account in IOF Eventor. This means all participants must have an account in IOF Eventor in order to take part in a World Ranking Event. In other words, no-one should be allowed to start in a WRE if they do not have an IOF ID.



Long course

Preliminar information about long course:

13,7 km, 21 controls. Winning time 1:40.

It is possible to enter  middle course in E class, and long course in A class.

Entry fee  will be the same  like for running in E class both days