Trakai, 2016 04 16-17



Pavasario Taure (Spring Cup) 2017

Posted On June 16, 2016

Next year Pavasario Taure (Spring Cup) – 2017.04.29/30 Zaizdriai 4 km from Trakai. Both days WRE

Results, GPS Tracking

Posted On April 18, 2016

Results, split times: https://dbtopas.lt/takas/en/varz/2016002 GPS tracking – Middle: M21E http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1bgeqj1 W21E http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1bger7s GPS tracking – Long: M21E http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1bger8f W21E http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1bger9b

Start lists…

Posted On April 15, 2016

Start lists, Live Results, results is available here: https://dbtopas.lt/takas/lt/varz/2016002 Live GPS tracking:

Preliminary courses

Posted On February 14, 2016

First deadline for entries: 8 February.

For Classes MW12-18

Posted On February 9, 2016

  Reduce price for classes MW12-18 remains till Friday 23:59 (February12)  

Entries is open

Posted On January 4, 2016

For MW WRE runners. Please enter each day separately: Middle http://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5248 Long http://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5247 Additional registration:https://dbtopas.lt/takas/en/varz/2016002/reg For M( WRE) long course will be more than 30 controls. Please register SI card with enough memory.    

Bulletin 1

Posted On December 11, 2015

Bulletin 1 is published

Pavasario Taure (Spring Cup) Facebook page

Posted On November 29, 2015

Visit our new Facebook page: Pavasario Taurė – Spring Cup . Click ‘Going’ button on the Facebook page until the beginning of the registration (January 1st, 2016) and get the same discount as the first 100 competitors (see the chart below). To get the discount, it’s important to make the actual registration until…

Pavasario Taurė (Spring cup) WRE 2016

Posted On April 30, 2015

Pavasario Taurė (Spring cup) WRE 2016  will be on 16-17 April 2016 . WRE middle on April 16, WRE long on April 17 Competition center will be the same as on 2015- “Kudrionių poilsio kompleksas” Middle Course WRE – new map to the East from CC, M 1:10 000 2,5m…